Democrats will love this software.

OpenEvocracy reinvents democracy. It is decentralized, content-oriented, anonymous & evolutionary and combines many recent technologies, including collaborative editing, AI & blockchain.

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How it works

Evocracy is evolutionary decision-making

Given a problem, the discussions are reduced to small groups where everyone has the opportunity to bring something to the table. People with knowledge and good integrative skills will represent the group in higher levels. Not everyone will discuss up to the end of the discussion process, but great ideas will survive the selection.

For more details, please read our whitepaper:

Whitepaper (en, v1.2)

An older version is also available in German.

Evolutionary democracy


  • Decisions are a collective procedure
  • Participants are sovereign, no authority influences the process
  • Everyone with an internet connection can participate


  • Every idea and every participant has a chance
  • Only the best suited participants stay until the end
  • With the help of AI, a synthesis of the most suitable ideas will emerge


  • Participants are anonymous
  • A Web of Trust allows user authentication
  • Realized in web3, based on blockchain technology


Team image of Carlo Michaelis

Carlo Michaelis, Dr. rer. nat.

Full-stack developer


Team image of Patrick Charrier

Patrick Charrier, M. Sc.

Senior Blockchain Developer


Team image of Jannik Luboeinski

Jannik Luboeinski, Dr. rer. nat.

Full-stack developer



Testing the concept

The Evocracy concept is a very new idea. To test if the main principle will work, groups of people are needed, to do real life tests. If you are interested, just contact us, we will come and visit you and test it together.


You like the idea and you have knowledge of Frontend, Backend or Blockchain development, machine learning algorithms or you want to learn more? We greatly invite you to our developing team! Just contact us.

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