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How it works

Evocracy is evolution in decision making

The idea is simple. Given a problem, the discussions are reduced to small groups where everyone has the opportunity to bring something to the table. People with knowledge and good integrative skills will represent the group in higher levels. Not everyone will discuss up to the end of the discussion process, but great ideas will survive the selection.

The process in detail

1. Selection Stage

There are plenty of problems. Therefore you need to select the ones to start with. You can like and share problems to inspire others to think about their relevance. If enough people are interested in a problem, the next stage will start automatically.

2. Proposal Stage

Good ideas are developed by combining several perspectives. Write down your own perspective to help solving the problem. Everyone who brings any idea is part of the consensus process.

3. Consensus Stage

To solve the problem, you can exchange your thoughts in small groups. This way, everyone can contribute to a solution. The groups are small to enable every idea to be heard. By writing an entirely new group idea, you are able to find a solution that fits every perspective. This prevents being forced to compromise on the least bad idea.
In the end you choose a representative for your group idea. Representatives form new groups to discuss the group ideas in the next level.

For more details, please read our whitepaper (currently only in German):

Whitepaper (de)

Technology we use


The software is built with Node.js and plenty of javascript libraries. One of the core features is the collabarative editor for the groups, where we use QuillJS in combination with ShareDB. The frontend is made with Angular. Important data should be stored in a blockchain, perhaps Ethereum would be a great project to use.

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Participate in different ways

Testing the concept

The Evocracy concept is a very new idea. To test if the main principle will work, groups of people are needed, to do real life tests. It's necessary that the group has mininum of 25 people. If you are interested, just contact us, we will come and visit you and test it together.


You like the idea and you have knowledge of Javascript or you want to learn more? We greatly invite you to our developing team! Just have a look at our Github repository and contact us.